alchemic museum: statement
The alchemical process begins with the materials. Every thing is beautiful and useful.
red earth salt wax ash wood branches metal rust bones stones sand grit
and a consecration to the work.
To follow the alchemists: "Ora, libre, libre, relibre, labora, et invenies."
"Pray, read, read, read once again, work, and you will find."
By praying we mean to clear and prepare the mind,
By reading we mean to read, observe and study everything - the street, the woods, the sky, the flight of a bird.
By work we mean engaging the hand and eye and mind with the materiais.

Artist David Ireland says: 'The making is the magic."

burning coating fermenting peeling scaring encrusting melting layering
coagulating separating dissolving
"I shall take from things the illusion they produce to preserve themselves from us and leave them the part they concede to us." Rene Char, French poet, 1907 - 1988.


Art making is a magical act, one that binds us back to the original art makers when art was done for ritualistic and sacramental purposes. This binding back is a continuous return, a
circularity that roots us in the natural processes of nature - birth, decay and regeneration. We do this magic in the hopes of creating wonder, reverence and change. It is an invitation for the human imagination to play, to expand, to try on new ways of being - a transformation of consciousness.


I believe that a reverence for the natural elements the alchemists revered - earth,
air, fire and water - are fundamental to the search for inner harmony and balance. The
relationship between spirit and matter, nature and culture and between magical practices and
natural processes are my sources. Hermes, the messenger god of the Greeks is the guide and
presides over the work.
Mary Mountcastle Eubank